Father’s Day is a magnificent time to spend at the beautiful beaches of South Padre Island! Know that there will be plenty to do here, and best of all, Las Velas Village can provide the best residences available in the city if you decide to become a permanent resident! Let’s take a look at one location where you can expect some fun on Father’s Day along with a sneak peek at our condos on SPI!

Bar of Champions

Doubleday Bar of Champions is known for its epic collection of sports memorabilia and insanely intricate sports decor. With kids eating free until 7:00 PM, a decked-out arcade room and super tasty food, this is just one of many places near Las Velas Village that’s perfect for some family time to celebrate Dad!

Father- and Family-Friendly!

We’ve thought of everything to make sure that comfort is a number one priority for all of our residents in each of our luxury condos. With living rooms on the first floors and bedrooms on the second and third floors of each unit, our spaces are great for spending time with your spouse, the kids and everyone else in your family! We’ve also included kitchens with a modern touch and comfortable feel, both of which add that feeling needed to make your residence truly feel special.

Privacy is Key

The last thing you need when trying to treat yourself and your family to a fun time for Father’s Day, or any time really, is to feel crowded, rushed or bothered. Having a place where you, family and friends can feel safe, drop your guard and enjoy some well-deserved time away from the hustle and bustle of regular life is so important when wanting to recharge and enjoy a little get-away period.

Private marinas, private docks and access to epic water activities without having to make a long-distance trek are just a few of the many amenities we offer. Take advantage of them now!

The Laguna Madre and Fishing

The beautiful and incredibly unique body of water known as the Laguna Madre can be directly accessed through our amazing properties, leaving anyone who resides in one of our condos with an experience unlike any other that attracts sea and nature lovers alike. With a chance to bear witness to an amazing assortment of unique fish, ducks and so much more wildlife, we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with all of the possibilities that our bayfront condos have to offer.

We Want to Hear from You!

We pride ourselves in providing condos in South Padre Island that are unlike any other. With countless bayfront properties to enjoy and events happening all throughout June and July, we invite you to consider becoming a resident and making long-lasting memories with your family. Contact our condos on SPI today to learn more!

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